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Leonardo DiCaprio Launches 11th Hour Widget

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches 11th Hour Widget

Watch Exclusive Scenes From Your Own Web Page, and Learn How to Help

Continuing his use of new media to promote environmental awareness, Leonardo DiCaprio is working with several firms to launch an 11th Hour video player that Web users can incorporate into their own Web pages.

The widget contains multiple tabs enabling users to watch a trailer and exclusive scenes from the film, âœTake Action,â âœSend to a Friendâ and expand to full screen, according to a press release from guerilla PR, Inc., PopRule, SpotXchange and Zango, which are working together on the project.

The goal is to invite more people to visit, where DiCaprio aims to inspire people to take action to avert environmental disasters.

The widget can be copied and pasted into blogs, social network profile pages like Facebook, HTML message boards and Web sites.

Like this:

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