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40% of Worldâ™s Species Face Extinction

40% of Worldâ™s Species Face Extinction
Rate of Extinction is up to 10,000 Times Natural Rate Due to Human Activities:
One in four mammals. One in eight birds. One of every three amphibians. They are at risk of disappearing from the planet.
Of the 41,000 species monitored by the World Conservation Union, 16,000 is endangered, and the number of endangered species keeps rising, according to the London Telegraph, which got an early look at the WCUâ™s latest âœRed Listâ report.
The earthâ™s ecosystems suffer extinctions all the time. Death, for species, is a part of life in the grand scheme. But the unparalleled rate of extinction being caused by humans amounts to a grand experiment: How much of the earthâ™s life can be destroyed without affecting the basic processes necessary for human life?

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