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Zap! does deal for wheel motors - AutoblogGreen

Zap! does deal for wheel motors
by Sam Abuelsamid
PML is the company that created an electrically driven MINI last year with the same type of motors. If they keep up this pace ZAP might even slip up and produce and actual product one of these days. In the meantime, Dallas over at has an interview with Martin Boughtwood, Director of PML FlightLink that you can find here.
ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) Reinvents the Wheel with Advanced Electric Wheel Motor Technology Partner
US Electric Car Maker Signs Exclusive Agreement with PML FlightLink Ltd. of the Hampshire, UK for New Electric Wheel Motor
Schneider pointed out why wheel motors allow automotive designers to achieve greater efficiencies in the overall design, distributing the weight and displacement of the drive train to the four corners of the vehicle. PML's wheel motors don't require intricate braking systems, instead relying on advances in regenerative braking that enhance efficiency and performance
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another wheel motors article & electric auto designs
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