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Rama Setu: Gov't chants Ram,Ram-Arun Ram

Rama Setu: Govt chants Ram, Ram ┠Arun Ram

An epic in the unmaking
Govt chants Ram, Ram - Times of India
UPA govt rediscovers lord Ram- DNA
U-turn in the name of lord- Hindustan Times

The idea behind the canal is to cut down the sailing time of ships â” that now circumvent Sri Lanka â” between the east and west coasts of India by more than 30 hours and 450 km.
Whether it was built by Ramâ™s â˜vanarsenaâ™ or the toiling men and women of the times; or it was a natural formation, should such a wonderful reef of corals and stones dating back to tens of thousands of years and guarding one of the most unique marine ecosystems in the world (the Gulf of Mannar is designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO) be damaged?
Infuriated by Sethusamudram project being put on hold, Karunanidhi blames communal forces and Srilanka and asks where did this Raman study engineering
By Walter Jayawardhana
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