September 7th, 2007

Facebook iis the New...whatever

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Could Facebook be the new Flickr? Thanks to its photo-sharing tools, Facebook now receives more uploaded images a day than Flickr, the leading brand in photo-sharing.
Then again, Facebook connects you to your friends, offers both tools and time-wasters, leaves you swamped with offers to join groups you don't care about, responds in a reactionary way to bogus events, takes more of your time every day, and gets harder to live without all the time. So Facebook is the new e-mail!

Yesterday, Facebook began notifying members they can choose to keep their listings private or to allow Facebook to make their name and profile picture available when outsiders search the site. Facebook's move to publicize member profiles could attract a new wave of users.

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Now, you can see my 16,000 images from flickr on facebook also