September 13th, 2007

Solar Alliance Formed

State-by-State Basis: The Solar Alliance Formed

The Solar Alliance
A smattering of solar panel manufacturers and installers today announced the formation of The Solar Alliance. Heading up the group is former US Representative Claudine Schneider from Rhode Island.

Members include BP Solar, First Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo Energy, and SunPower.
The Solar Alliance will be concentrating their efforts in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio to start. Plus, they're buddies with the Solar Energy Industries Association, which is taking up the cause on the national level.
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Bartiromo-Burnett: Feud or Corporate Dust-Up?

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Bartiromo-Burnett: Feud or Corporate Dust-Up?

By Nat Worden Staff Reporter

9/12/2007 6:08 AM EDT
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Is all the gossip over CNBC stars Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett about a catfight between co-anchors, or is it really about a catfight between media conglomerates?
On-air personality Liz Claman has left her gig at CNBC, and she's now sitting out her noncompete clause with her former employer. It just happens to end on Oct. 15 -- the launch date for the Fox Business Network.
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Nepalâ™s Maoists take on Lord Shiva

Sudeshna Sarkar, Indo-Asian News Service
The area surrounding the main temple and a cluster of satellite temples â” the Pashupati Monument Zone â” was declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco in 1979.
Now headed by a Maoist student leader, they are building a road through a forest in the vicinity of the Pashupatinath temple, regarded as one of the holiest pilgrim sites in the world, where Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and tourists flock regularly.
Barely three months after the Unesco's World Heritage Committee announced that Kathmandu valley's heritage sites, which had been under threat from uncontrolled growth, were out of danger, thanks to measures taken by the government, the temple area is being threatened by the new road.
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Amarnath Board to study yatra impact on Kashmir economy

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Amarnath Board to study yatra impact on Kashmir economy
Srinagar, Sept. 13 (PTI): The Amarnath Shrine Board is setting up an expert committee to carry out a survey on the impact of the annual Amarnath yatra on Jammu and Kashmir's economy.
The SASB CEO said during the current yatra donation of Rs 2.50 crores was made by devotees against last year's 2.38 crores.
The CEO said 42 pilgrims died during the pilgrimage which includes one Muslim pilgrim from Ajmer. The oldest pilgrim who died was 82-years-old, and the youngest 13. Last year 45 pilgrims had died.
He said despite early melting of the lingam, about three lakh pilgrims visited the shrine this year.
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build art portfolios websites online

Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards

I am 17 years old and do some programming in C# and C++.

My astrophotography setup is a Takahashi CN-212 on a Losmandy G-11 mount, an Orion 70mm refractor, Celestron ST-80 refractor, a ToUcam Pro webcam, and a ST402 CCD camera.

Mars 2005
Mars 2007
Planetary Images taken with Orion Observer 70 Refractor
Deep Sky
Double Stars
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Leonardo DiCaprio Launches 11th Hour Widget

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches 11th Hour Widget

Watch Exclusive Scenes From Your Own Web Page, and Learn How to Help

Continuing his use of new media to promote environmental awareness, Leonardo DiCaprio is working with several firms to launch an 11th Hour video player that Web users can incorporate into their own Web pages.

The widget contains multiple tabs enabling users to watch a trailer and exclusive scenes from the film, âœTake Action,â âœSend to a Friendâ and expand to full screen, according to a press release from guerilla PR, Inc., PopRule, SpotXchange and Zango, which are working together on the project.

The goal is to invite more people to visit, where DiCaprio aims to inspire people to take action to avert environmental disasters.

The widget can be copied and pasted into blogs, social network profile pages like Facebook, HTML message boards and Web sites.

Like this:

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Egyptian Gems at the Freer by Andie Byrnes

Egyptian Gems at the Freer

While amassing 1,400 items might seem a gigantic feat, Freer's Egyptian collection is fairly modest, with some of the best on display in a tiny room on the east side of the Smithsonian museum that bears the art collector's name. While most internationally regarded museums with Egyptian collections will show off a giant sarcophagus or two, or a golden funerary mask, the Freer has a fascinating showcase of small glass objects, including vessels, beads and amulets, which you could easily miss when strolling through its galleries. But if the Freer's Egyptian gems catch your eye, you could easily spend an hour surveying the array of diminutive but fascinating objects.
See the above page for more. The Freer Sackler Collection can be found online:
There are some gorgeous photographs on this page - click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

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Earth Changes Media by Mitch Battros