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Date: 2007-05-17 09:16
Subject: Wendy Doniger
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Sex and religion are joined at the hip. The most interesting distinction is not between religions that say 'yes' to sex and those who say 'no' but between two aspects of a single religion, one of which regards sex as a blessing and the other as a curse.

Wendy Doniger

Professor of the History of Religions, University of Chicagoâ™s Divinity School

Wendy Doniger (Oâ™Flaherty) is the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicagoâ™s Divinity School. The âœOn Faithâ panelist also teaches in the Universityâ™s Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, and directs the Martin Marty Center.
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For Many Religions, Sex Both Blessing and Curse

Many religions drive with one foot heavy on the sexual accelerator and the other riding the sexual brakes.

Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism celebrate, on the one hand, the power of sex within marriage and are keen to harness its power for their worshippers, while, on the other hand, they warn you that hair will grow on the palms of your hand if you masturbate.

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