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Google to enhance Search Appliance with open source framework

With hundreds of different content management systems out in the market, Glotzbach expects that the makers of these systems in particular will welcome the framework and use it to plug their wares to the Search Appliance.

Google to enhance Search Appliance with open source framework

Framework will build on OneBox for Enterprise functionality

By Juan Carlos Perez IDG News Service

Currently, Google partners have created custom-built connectors for these types of content systems using the Search Appliance's application programming interfaces (APIs). However, the new Content Connector Framework, as it is currently known inside Google, will simplify the creation of these modules and allow them to work more effectively than current ones thanks to this common connecting platform residing in the actual Search Appliance.

It's this feeder API that the new framework will improve. "This will be evolving the feeder API into a robust architecture and framework for connecting [natively] to these types of content systems," Glotzbach said.

Glotzbach declined to say when the open source framework and the scalability improvements will be delivered.

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