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Evolution of Life-C - ARTIST: RICHARD LAZZARA — LiveJournal

Date: 2007-05-22 09:32
Subject: Evolution of Life-C
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OAK:Magister Templi shows how modern science and chaos theory are compatable with advanced metaphysical concepts. This is the OAK 1st Degree study material. Science is not in conflict with paranormal and supernatural activitities.

The Evolution of Life-C
Sunday, May 20 2007 

There is a tremendous amount of energy that controls and directs the cellular functions. This is something that exists astrally in the electron cloud that surrounds the cell and determines its function. This bion is a rudimentary âœLife Awarenessâ. When the cell is destroyed or stressed this bion is released as a free particle that can attach to other cells. It is a free floating bit of life energy.

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