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After US DoD, Apple Stores ban MySpace - ARTIST: RICHARD LAZZARA — LiveJournal

Date: 2007-05-27 10:58
Subject: After US DoD, Apple Stores ban MySpace
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Age groups 18-40 and  are around approx 33% of the users of Apple's iPods in the US according to a Pew Internet report. For MySpace -- Age group 25 and above accounted for over 68% of user base in 2006 according to ComScore. Thus, there would be iPod users who also use MySpace. How would these users feel about the ban? I guess jarred. Won't this ban mar Apple's Brand in the minds of the MySpace generation? Apple is definitely not DoD in its brand positioning. Can it afford placing such a ban, even if its just on its stores not products?

Both US DoD and Apple Stores are citing similar sounding reasons, usage choking traffic or accessbility in some way. Doesnt that mean that MySpace's popularity growing beyond the comfort zone of players within and outside the ecosystem? How will MySpace Advertisers react to this series of bans? From a Brand Management perspective can Apple even afford such a ban?

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After US DoD, Apple Stores ban MySpace,
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