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Mahabalipuram: The Stone Divine

The largest relief describes the very pious episode from mythology â˜the descent of the Ganges on earth from heaven on request of Raja Bhagirath. The natural spring gives the structure a realistic touch.
Mahabalipuram: The Stone Divine
By  Pallavi Sharma

May 29: Mahabalipuram, founded by the famous Pallavan king Narsimhanvarman on the western limits of Bay of Bengal can not be described in better words than âœthe stone cityâ. It is more than an ecstasy to a person who combines in himself the love for nature and the taste for architecture. On the western side of the city one can appreciate the stone landscape with all its magnificence. The eastern side the vastness of the ocean and unique display of dancing rays of the sun ride along the waves of the ocean and spurts the radiance of life. The sun-bath along the silver-lined beach is a great amusement.
In the premises of the temple is erected a life size image of an elephant. And another simple structure is a huge sized boulder which provides shelter to the tourists. It seems as if it will roll down any moment, but it is there for centuries.
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