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Iraq's War Wounded: In their own words

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Once a leader in the Middle East, Iraq's health system is today under tremendous strain, itself a casualty of the war. Hospitals, especially in Baghdad, are overwhelmed in the wake of a multiple-casualty attack, and don't have enough medicines, surgical supplies, even electricity. Patients are often simply patched up, stabilized, and sent home, often only to face further complications. Worse, many of the country's highly trained doctors have fled or have been assassinated. And some people are afraid to go to hospitals in areas that are controlled by certain religious or political parties, or armed groups. Since August, 2006, MSF has been providing surgical care to Iraqi victims of violence, regardless of their ethnic or religious identities. Surgeries are performed in Amman, Jordan. MSF is also supporting several hospitals inside Iraq by providing essential medicines and medical supplies.
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