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1m-years-old footprints found at Margalla Hills

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1m-years-old footprints found at Margalla Hills

By Sher Baz Khan

ISLAMABAD, July 27: In what appears to be a major discovery, archaeologists have found two over one million years old human footprints preserved on a sandstone at the Margalla Hills.

The Indusians Research Cell, which is working under the supervision of world renowned archaeologist and historian Dr Ahmad Hassan Dani of Taxila Institute of Asian Civilisations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, has made the discovery, which is likely to add a new chapter to the archaeological history and heritage of the federal capital and attract visitors.

Indusians Research Cell started the second phase of the project âœPost-earthquake Explorations of Human Remains in Margalla Hillsâ under the supervision of A.K. Azad.

âœIt has provided a missing link, which was spread of 6 million years. So Potoharmans declared as the grand father of hominid, which evolved from the different stages and reached at the Homo sapiens,â he observes.
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