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The journey of an intuitive artist

The journey of an intuitive artist

Originally published August 09, 2007

By Lauren LaRocca
News-Post Staff

Intuitive art "comes from the heart, the soul," he said. "I believe anybody can do anything in the arts. Anybody can draw, paint... anybody can sing, anybody can dance. Maybe not the academic form, but there are several different forms."

To the latter, Holly replies, "Well why don't you bring your little kid to me, and we will sit down and see if your little kid can concentrate and do the things that I have created here. Because it takes time. It takes effort. I mix colors; I cut pieces of wallpaper a certain way -- it's not just slapping a piece of wallpaper down."

"You gotta walk down the street and look," he said. "This is all part of the craft."

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