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EuroScan: Reinventing the wheel â“ and the car

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EuroScan: Reinventing the wheel â“ and the car

Hy-Light, a zero-emission fuel-cell car developed in Switzerland that drives 130 km/h and refuels at a solar-powered pump that may one day be a household appliance.

The Michelin prototype is a catalog of clean-tech innovations. The
key novelty is its "active wheel": the electric motors (which weigh a
few kilos each) and the suspensions are lodged inside the wheels
(picture left). "We
have designed a system made of a central energy production unit (the
fuel cell) and two or four peripheral energy usage units (the motors in
the wheels)," explains Pierre Varenne. "In between, there are only
electric cables."

The Hy-Light is a car built around a hydrogen fuel cell, meaning it
generates electricity through a basic chemical reaction involving
hydrogen and oxygen. The gases are stored in two specially developed
tanks (the hydrogen is pressurized and its tank can withstand the
direct shot of a Swiss Army rifle).
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