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Let your Gadgets Soak UP the SUN

Let Your Gadgets Soak Up the Sun

· Georgetown-based Reware is one company leading the way: Flexible solar panels on its beach totes, backpacks and messenger bags ($225-$299 at charge small electronics with a built-in universal adapter. In direct sunlight, the panels are comparable to wall outlet chargers; in indirect sunlight, they don't produce as much juice but do work. An eco-bonus: The bags use fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and are manufactured in the United States to reduce transit fuel use.

· Prefer to carry your own bag? Stuff the Solio Universal Hybrid Charger inside: The compact, sleek module fans out to resemble a flower and comes in black, white, silver and pink, with a range of adapters available ($89.95-$99.95 at

Sierra Solar's three versions (from 15 watts to 26 watts) are the most compact and double as carrying cases ($262-$390 at

-- Eviana Hartman

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Here are some sames for flexible solar auto body designs that I am developing.
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