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Art sales: selling one dream to buy another

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Art sales: selling one dream to buy another

Colin Gleadell reports on the Turner sale
Turner's Lake Lucerne

The best private collection of Turner watercolours on the market for a generation is to be sold at Sotheby's tomorrow evening. Estimated to fetch between £10 million and £15 million, the 14 paintings span 50 years of the artist's career, culminating in his late, impressionistic views of Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

A year later, however, he stopped. "I invest in dreams, and I am involved in all kinds of projects," he told me on a fleeting visit to London last week. He and his wife, Myriam, are deeply involved in humanitarian work, notably in Nepal where they have set up an orphanage called "Happy House" in Kathmandu. But his biggest recent commitment has been the building of a contemporary art museum in Beijing.

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