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English electric Lightning

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English electric Lightning

Mark Hales looks at the development of a new electric sports car that uses world-leading battery technology
The Lightning
The car is the electric Lightning and the world-leading technology is a combination of wheel-mounted electric motors and, more importantly, the Nano-Titanate batteries that power them.
We have written about wheel motors in these pages before. Although they appear to offer several vehicle-control advantages for little more than the cost of a line of computer code, the main reason they haven't succeeded is their weight, particularly for a car's steered wheels; even the highly advanced units proposed for Mitsubishi's i concept were dropped in favour of a single engine, transmission and driveshafts when it came to production. Nevertheless, PML claims its motor, for which there are a number of patents pending, offers a power-to-weight ratio 10 times better than anything before. PML's Martin Boughtwood
The Lightning,,
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