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Degenerate Art

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Degenerate Art
film documents the Nazi movement against modern art which it regarded as degenerate.
The regime sold much of the confiscated art at
auction in Switzerland in 1939 with the profits going to the NSDAP. Much of
what has survived was due to luck. Emanuel Fohn, a German artist who had close
connections to a favored Nazi artist Adolf
heard of the regime's intention to burn thousands of "decadent"
paintings and drawings. He happened to have a modest collection of some 19th
century Romantic paintings by one of Hitler's favorite artists. In exchange
for a handful of relatively unimportant paintings, Fohn was able acquire a
danzzling collection of work by Beckmann, Bracque, Chagall, Lovis Corinth,
Dix, Feininger, Grosz, Heckel, Kandinsky, Kirchner, Klee, Kollwitz, Kokoschka,
Kubin, Liebermann, Mackel, Marc, Modigliani, Nolde, Schmidt-Rottuff, Schiele,
what happens in a society in which free expression is stifled.
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