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Chinese hackers 'hit 10 Whitehall departments'

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Chinese hackers 'hit 10 Whitehall departments'

By Christopher Hope and David Blair
Last Updated: 1:18am BST 06/09/2007

Up to 10 Whitehall departments are being regularly targeted by computer hackers from countries such as China and Russia who want to find out state secrets, it has emerged.

The news came amid claims that hackers from China's People's Liberation Army had attacked the IT systems of the Foreign Office and other government departments.

Earlier this week, in the US, Chinese hackers were blamed for a "detected penetration" of parts of the email system used in the office of Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary.

David Davis, the Conservatives' home affairs spokesman, said: "There is a very real danger that this could threaten the security and privacy of every British citizen. This is extremely serious and would be even more so if the Chinese military was involved."

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