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Scientists Find Clue In Mystery of the Vanishing Bees : On Target

Scientists Find Clue In Mystery of the Vanishing Bees

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Honey bees walk on a moveable comb hive at the Bee Research Laboratory, in Beltsville, Maryland.
The virus identified in the healthy Australian bees is Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) â” named that because it was discovered by Hebrew University researchers.
Although worker bees in colony collapse disorder vanish, bees infected with IAPV die close to the hive, after developing shivering wings and paralysis. For some reason, the Australian bees seem to be resistant to IAPV and do not come down with symptoms.
But the study released Thursday on the Science Express Web site, operated by the journal Science, cautioned that collapse disorder is likely caused by several factors.
âœThere are no cases ⦠in Australia at all,â entomologist Dave Britton of the Australian Museum told the Sydney Morning Herald last month. âœIt is a Northern Hemisphere phenomenon.â
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Colony Collapse Disorder,new update in news.
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